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GALAXY GOALKEEPER on big screens

A new fantastic blockbuster "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy" will be released in movie theatres on August 27. Janik Fayziev's film is full of with visual effects. You can be convinced by that fact through watching the final trailer of the picture. The friendly team of Algous studio took part in such a complex and ambitious project. We've produce dozens of cool visuals effects shots with heroes playing i...

PODOLSKY CADETS will be shown in the US and UK

Algous studio was the main VFX-vendor on the project "Podilsky cadets", which the film company "Central Partnership" sold for distribution in the United States and Great Britain. The deal is made with the American distributor Shout! Factory and British company Signature Entertainment. “We are glad that the picture about real heroes of another important page of the Second World War, especially in ...

STORM is the best at APKIT

There were announced the winners of VIII ceremony of APKIT on the evening of May 31. The leader of the VIII Prize founded by producers of movie and TV industry in terms of the number of awards became the detective drama “Storm” about the confrontation between two friends. The project was produced by Mars Media, the START video service. It is interesting that “Storm” has statuettes in two male act...

ZULEIKHA opens her eyes is on air

The serial TV-drama "Zuleikha opens her eyes", based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Guzel Yakhina, is being shown on TV. The project is produced by the film company "Russkoye". The film tells the story of the Tatar peasant woman Zuleikhi, whom husband had been killed, and she was dispossessed and sent a hard-line route to Siberia. In this dramatically performed picture, there are sp...

SPUTNIK will be released online

The fantastic thriller Sputnik was supposed to be released in Russian cinemas on April 16, but cinemas in the country were closed for quarantine, so now the film will appear in online cinemas -, wink and ivi on April 23. The film will be available on these sites for subscribers. "Sputnik is one of the most interesting and spectacular projects of our company, therefore, with colleagues an...