Visual effects & computer graphics production


Development, directing and production of visual effects

We develop all the visual effects for the movie in details by starting working with the script on pre-production stage, in cooperation with the creative team. There is always our onset supervisor who carefully monitors all filming process so everything what has been planned is turned into reality on the highest level and so we could instantly react on any kind of unexpected circumstances
After the shooting we provide such work as:
•    simulating;
•    texturing;
•    animation;
•    shading (adjustment of materials);
•    visual effects - VFX (simulation of water, fire, smoke, explosions and so on);
•    compositing of any difficulty;
and many others.


VFX production

Having huge experience of cooperation with leading studios in Russia and worldwide we are ready to propose full organisation of visual effects production on projects of any difficulty.
Budget control, follow-up control, optimum allocation of tasks between the studios – all that we can to in order to reach maximum level of our work’s quality.


Development and directing of scenes for second-unit

Since 2008 we have experience in full development of staging complicated scenes for shooting by second-unit.
Development includes:
•    selection of references;
•    storyboards;
•    animatics (previses);
•    concept art
•    rehearsals;
•    film editing;
•    Making of specified breakdowns for all departments
On set we direct and control process for reaching maximum possible accordance with the initial concept.
After the shooting we are ready to provide services of film editing.


Converting of footage from set

It is a very common situation when film crew needs to watch fresh materials from the shooting as soon as possible.
24/7 we are ready to take materials from cameras and to convert it synchronizing with sound into convenient for watching and film editing MOV files and to upload the into the internet. As practice shows it is an incredibly useful process which can speed up taking decisions and helps to advance rough cut during shooting.


Film editing

We have experience of film editing: rough cut, same day edit and even of complicated with multiple cameras for fight scenes. Of course we can do film editing of commercials and short films.

Color correction

We gladly make color correction for any kind of projects. We have experience in color correction in such projects as independent films with huge amount of masks and attention to the details, TV-series when efficiency is as important as quality. We made color correction of full-length films with export to DCP and received enthusiastic reviews from cinematographers and producers on working with us.