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T-34 is the highest grossing Russian film in Japan
Russian action movie T-34 continues to smash Japanese box office. Alexei Sidorov’s blockbuster has been shown in Japanese theatres for more than five months, and so far has managed to raise about $900 thousand. More than 65 thousand viewers have already watched it.

The movie is being distributed by Twin Co. According to her speaker, the T-34 has already become the highest grossing Russian film in Japan over the past 20 years. Earlier, the highest grossing picture was the drama Burnt with the sun, shown in the first half of the 90s.

It is noteworthy that three versions of T-34 were released on Japanese market: the IMAX version, modified for Japan and the original Russian version. According to speaker of Twin Co, such a case is very rare for foreign, non-Chinese and non-American films.
Just remind that Algous Studio was awarded with Golden Eagle for best visual effects in this picture.