We create visual effects using and improving cutting-edge solutions in IT, VR, AI, and other aspects of computer graphics for film. This allows our clients to freely realize their creative ideas throughout the entire production process: from script to theatrical release. Our talented team and over 22 years of industry experience have enabled our studio to participate in major commercial film projects as well as in independent films that have received awards at the world's largest film festivals. We've successfully established ourselves not only in the Russian film market but also internationally, collaborating with major film studios and participating in film shoots in many countries worldwide. In 2020, our studio was awarded the Golden Eagle for Best Visual Effects in the film 'T-34'.
  • Our experience in the film industry spans 23 years

  • Our films have been nominated for Oscars, received the Golden Lion, and garnered numerous international and Russian awards

  • Numerous IT tools available for automating the production of visual effects

  • We've successfully integrated the most advanced virtual reality technologies into filmmaking, both for pre-production preparation and visual effects production

  • Successful collaboration with Chinese film producers at every stage - from scriptwriting to premiere

  • We share our experience by presenting at CG-Event, Mocsow Creative Week, Creative Mornings and similar events

  • We are trusted by all the leading broadcasters and major film companies

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We meticulously develop any visual effects for any films, beginning collaboration with the creative team at the screenplay stage. During pre-production, we offer our services to create pre-visualizations using cutting-edge VR/AR technologies for precise task definition for both the production team and our future work. Our supervisors rigorously oversee the entire filming process, enabling us to execute tasks at the highest level and promptly respond to any unforeseen circumstances. During post-production, we undertake various types of work, including:
- Modeling; - Texturing; - Shading (material adjustments); - Animation; - Visual Effects (VFX) (simulation of water, fire, smoke, explosions, etc.); - Compositing of any complexity...and much more.
Having vast experience collaborating with leading studios in Russia and worldwide, we are ready to offer complete organization of visual effects production for projects of any complexity. Budget control, subsequent monitoring, and production organization, optimal task allocation among studios - we will ensure everything necessary to achieve the highest quality in our work.
Over the past five years, we've successfully implemented a new tool for virtual pre-production in six films. Using the Unreal Engine gaming platform, we create a virtual replica of future sets or real locations. Inside this environment, the cinematographer or director manipulates a virtual camera within Unreal Engine while operating a real camera in the physical world. This setup allows for seamless shot replication, movement at any speed, flight, real-time adjustments to lighting, and scene component animations. This method constitutes a full-fledged filming process within the confines of a studio. It enables meticulous preparation for shoots, rehearsals for shot sizes, blocking, movement dynamics, lighting, and other on-set aspects. This tool has proven exceptionally effective, evidenced by the feedback and reactions from our clients. Experience it for yourself!